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Before & Afters

Acne Scars
Acne Scars
This patient sought treatment with our Acupulse fractionated CO2 laser in the deep mode for acne scars. The pre pic is on the left. The post pic on the right was taken 3 months after 1 laser treatment.
Deep CO2
Deep CO2
This patient was treated with superficial and deep mode of our Acupulse CO2 fractionated laser. This laser builds up collagen, reducing lines. It also reduces sun spots and other signs of sun damage. Pre on left. Post at 3 months on the right.
Intense Pulsed Light Treatment
This patient underwent 3 intense pulsed light treatments for broken blood vessels and sun spots. The pre-picture is on the left. The post-picture is on the right.
Superficial Treatment
Superficial Treatment
This patient underwent one superficial treatment with our Acupluse fractionated laser system. Pre-picture on left and Post-picture at 3 months is on the right. Note the improvement in texture and tone, notably the reduction in pore size. Sunspots are improved and lower lids appear firmed.
Voluma Filler
Voluma Filler
This patient was injected with voluma filler to restore volume in the upper cheeks. Note the improvement in the nasolabial lines, despite no injections being done there. Pre-picture on top. Post-picture on the bottom.
Superficial co2 1 month post 1tx
Superficial co2
Superficial co2 1 month post 1 tx
IPL Before
IPL Before and immediately after 1 tx
IPL 1 Month
IPL 1 month post 1 tx
Co2 Lasser Post
Co2 laser Post 3 tx
Apex Peel Post
Apex Peel post 2 weeks 1 tx
microneedles and superficial co2
Melissa had 3 microneedles and one superficial co2.
Juvéderm Volbella after 6 weeks
Juvéderm Volbella after 6 weeks
Juvéderm Volbella after 6 weeks