Welcome to Our Practice


Our mission is to provide the highest quality skincare while delivering an unparalleled patient experience. Working collaboratively as a staff we are able to intimately know and understand each and every one of our patients and provide superior whole-body, comprehensive care. Educating and learning from our client base enables us to empower our patients to make the best health care decisions, while establishing a bond of confidence we believe to be essential in the therapeutic process.

With a well-trained medical team and office staff, we take great pride in the environment that we have created at APEX. Our team boasts years of local experience, expertise, and practice familiarity, with very little position turnover. Currently employing numerous working moms, we believe that providing schedules that allow more quality time with their families directly correlates to the family-like atmosphere we have created in our offices. Our familiar and nurturing environment is vital to our ability to fully comprehend all of the medical and cosmetic needs of our patients.